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Below are some examples of past projects.  These projects were selected to demonstrate the diversity of the services and the resulting products.  


The task was to design a metalization line for photo-voltaics using an existing screen printing process.  The product had to be able to accommodate different sizes of photo-voltaics and different drying ovens.  The completed machine had to be CE and NFPA compliant.  

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Product Design

The design goal was to create a simple and flexible plastic carrier for photo voltaic processing.  There were size, cost and chemical resistance requirements to be met.  

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The project was to replace an existing, central controller with modern PLC controls using distributed control at each casting machine.  The job required understanding all of the process requirements, integrating with existing equipment and adding safety features.  

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This equipment and process design customer was building a process sampling system.  The customer's expertise is in processing, not in equipment.  The prototype system was composed of equipment from numerous vendors.  When control issues developed, the Blades Design Group was able to help debug the problem and get them going again.  

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