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Here are some examples of our prior project experiences and expertise.  We have put together a collection of photos and drawings from these projects and indexed them by project and by type of work.  To go to the index by work type go  <<index>> .  

Robotic Water Jet Cleaning Cells
Robotic and Custom Pick/Place Systems
Testing Equipment
Robotic EPROM Programming/Labeling Cell
Robotic Thermal Spraying Cell

Assembly Machines
Casting Table

Semiconductor Equipment
Wafer handling systems
Automated die picking machines
Component inspection systems
Electronic component feeders

Photo-Voltaic Processing Equipment
Solar Cell Silk-Screening Metalization Line
Solar Cell Tester
Solar Cell Stringer/Tabber
Solar Cell Handling Module

Process Equipment Support
Chemical Process Sampling System
Casting Machine Controls

Casting Table

Product Design
Thermal and Pressure Switches
Keyboards, Keypads
Solar Cell Handling Cassette
Cartesian Robot
Industrial Turntables
Thermal Spray Equipment
Electronic Component Feeders
Plasma Systems

Water Jet Cleaning
3000-60000 psi Cleaning Systems
Robotic Coating Removal Cells
Paint Removal Systems
Tooling and Nozzles for Specialty Applications

Control Systems
PLC and PC Based
Control Consoles

Regulatory Compliance

ISO 9000

PLC Software
Motion Control
Process Control
Machinery Control
PID Loops

Machine Vision
Black Box and Embedded Systems

Embedded Microprocessors
PC and PIC
Man-Machine Interface
Database design and Integration
Object Oriented Programming
Various Platforms

Engineering Management
Part Numbering Systems
Document Control
ECR Procedures
ISO 9000 Procedures
Project Management
Demand Flow Technology
FMEA Studies
New Technology Introductions
Standardization of Products
Engineering Standards

Design of Experiments (DOX)

Project Management
Project Planning
GANTT Charts
Theory of Constraints

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