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Blades Design Group LLC

Automation machinery is our strongest area.  We can offer direct experience in semiconductor processing, photo-voltaic processing, water jet cleaning systems, high power test systems and automated thermal spraying.  Our expertise includes machine vision, industrial ventilation, PC or PLC controls, motion control, robotics, clean room applications and high precision machinery.  Regulatory compliance with SEMI, NFPA and CE standards is readily designed into equipment.  We can also offer complete fabrication and test for any machine.  

Product Design

Complete industrial equipment, accessories for industrial product lines,  processing fixtures and consumer products  are product areas we know well.  We offer a full range of product design capabilities from injection molded plastic parts to custom PCB's for control.  Familiarity with regulatory compliance requirements ensures a quicker time to market.  Products are always designed with manufacturability (DFM) and budget constraints in mind.  

Process Development

Our process development services have been used to define, refine and quantify processes.  This service can be employed during the design of equipment or to improve an existing in-house process.  Benefits include a better understanding of a process, identification of parameters and influences to the process and improved control of parameters.  

Support of Equipment

We support equipment in your facility when the knowledge is otherwise not available.  Our services may include generation of documentation, troubleshooting and repair.  We take the time to understand the process and the equipment to help keep your production working.  

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