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This injection molded cassette  holds either 100mm or 125mm wafers for wet chemical processing.  The goals of the design were low cost, achieved through use of only 2 simple parts, and chemical resistance, for the wet processing.  

The material selected is Hydex® 202.  This is a very moldable, highly chemically resistant material.  Chemical exposure testing was done with sample material prior to final selection.  

The parts consist of a flat end-plate and a vertical side.  Each cassette uses 2 end-plates and 4 vertical sides.  The end-plates have snap features that retain the ends of the vertical sides.  There are 8 possible positions for the vertical sides, 4 for the 100mm wafer size and four more for the 125mm wafer size.  The cassettes are assembled simply by snapping the parts together.  Once assembled, the snap feature holds the vertical side pieces very rigidly.  The assembly of the vertical sides into the end-plates is virtually permanent.  

Assembled Cassette

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