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The Blades Design Group LLC was founded in 2001 to offer industrial customers single source access to a large pool of technical expertise.  We are a network of varied technical professionals working together to serve our customers.  Employing only the required resources for a task allows our customers to complete a project without incurring the overhead of a full staff.  Our expertise includes machine design, controls, machine vision, embedded microprocessors along with specialized application experience.  

Brian Blades, the founder of the Blades Design Group LLC, has a BSME and over 30 years experience in industry.  He has spent most of his career working in automated capital equipment for various markets.  He also has product design experience in industrial switches, flexible circuits, and injection molded parts.  Brian also has extensive process experience in thermal spraying, water jet cleaning, back end semiconductor processing and photovoltaic processing.  

An experienced project manager, Brian has been responsible for introducing many new products as well as completing many custom projects.  He has worked in both large volume and small volume manufacturing environments.  He is experienced in regulatory compliance issues, especially Machinery Directive aspects of CE.  

Brian Blades was formerly the Vice President of Engineering for a semiconductor equipment manufacturer.  He was the  ISO 9000 management representative and coordinated all aspects of the ISO process.    He has lived and worked in Europe and the US.  Brian holds 5 patents.

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